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    Independent, Unbiased Vehicle Inspections

    and other Vehicle Registration / Licensing Services.

  • Our Vehicle Inspectors are qualified to perform Comprehensive Inspections
    on all types of Cars, Motorbikes, Trailers and other Light Vehicles.

  • Trusted by Marlborough Motorists since 1989

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  • Great people to deal with. Very proper with checking and testing. Always happy to deal with always provide details about your car you may not have relised. Good system they have there always tidy and never really a waiting time unless everyone has to get there wof on same day.

    Nikita H.

  • Needed a last minute WOF today and the guys and girls were great. Quick and efficient no messing about. Highly recommended!!

    Stephanie B.

  • Really fast and very friendly. Just popped in and everything was well checked within a few minutes. I highly recommend these guys. Thanks for your good service.

    T i

  • Nice and quick for our self-contained van, first we had a few issues, but inspector suggested how to fix them easy and fast.

    Kristaps S.

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    Whenever your vehicle is up for inspection,
    let us take care of it at
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